Kasey's Boy Cully ("Sir Licksalot")

This is a collection of photos and videos, all taken by an amateur with a cheap camera. Sorry, but these have not been edited or even culled.

You can click on any of the still pictures to see it in full size. They are about 1 MB each, so be patient.

If you have trouble viewing the videos, you may have better luck if you download them and view them from your own hard disk.

Pictures and videos of Cully the Wonderdog. See also: Gleni, Oggie, Chloƫ
First Look
Aug 7, 2009
Where is Cully?

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3
These are very short -- I wish they were lots longer.
Pickup day
10 Sept 2009

First Meeting



the Purchase


The Prince arrives

Getting to Know You

First Meal
Sept 11
2nd day
Proof of the confidence he gained in a single day. This is my favorite view of the pupnacious puppy. I use it as an avatar here and there.
Sept 19
At Home

ComingHome (MP4)

ComingHome (OGV)

ComingHome (WEBM)
These "coming home" videos are experiments in format conversion. The MP4 is the original from the camera.  
Days in the (Dog) Park

Dec 4 2009 video

Dec 6 2009 video

Dec 6 2009 video

Dec 18 2009 video

Dec 18 2009 video

Dec 18 2009 video
Dec 19, 2009
Feb 7, 2010

Video in the Park
Days in the (Dog) Park

Feb 8, 2010
Feb 18, 2010